The Birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh
The Village
East Budleigh
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Roger Conant 1592-1679
Roger Conant was brought up in the old Mill House in Hayes Lane, just below All Saints. It was a substantial house and mill, with a courtyard paved with stones from Budley beach, as it was called in those days. Both he and the young Raleigh may have been educated at Vicars Mead by the local Vicar. With his brother he decided to emigrate to America in March 1623, three years after the Pilgrim Fathers. He did not find the original Plymouth settlement congenial and searched the coast by small boat until he found Naumkeag, also known as Salem. Here he established his colony and suffered hardship and fear of possible hostile Native Americans. He was made Governor in 1626 and relinquished the post two years later and was granted 200 acres of land to mark his service. Today his descendants in America remember him with pride and East Budleigh is often on their itinerary when they visit Europe. On the North side of the aisle in All Saints church, you will find the replacement Conant pew end. The original was vandalised in the early 20C.
Information courtesy Lilian Sheppard’s book on East Budleigh.
The site of the Conant Mill, House and pebble courtyard demolished in the early 20th Century.
 The millstone from the Conant Mill.
Tableau by Michael Downes